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Names are a fascinating topic.  Most people don't know what names mean.  People used to give names to their children that actually meant something, but today we give names that have been passed down in the family, or because some saint has them, or just because they sound good, or some other reason that has nothing to do with meaning, and so people end up with names that poorly suit them, or names whose meanings are not what people expect.  And then there are all those trendy names.  I went to school with four girls named K(C)athy at the same time.  What could be worse?

Most name books are designed with parents in mind, but they're a great read nonetheless.  And some of these are just for the curious and have very little to do with babies.

What does your name mean?

Names Links

Celtic Baby Names: Traditional Names from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and Isle of Man

The Dictionary of Sanskrit Names

NTC's Classical Dictionary: The Origins of the Names of Characters in Classical Mythology

1,001 African Names: First and Last Names from the African Continent

10,000 Names for Your Baby*

35,000+ Baby Names

African Names: Names from the African Continent for Children and Adults

Asteroid Name Encyclopedia

Baby Names for the '90's and Beyond

Baby Names for the New Century

Bebes Preciosos: 5,001 Hispanic Baby Names

Beyond Jennifer and Jason: An Enlightened Guide to Naming Your Baby

Beyond Sarah and Sam: An Enlightened Guide Jewish Baby Naming

Beyond Shannon and Sean: An Enlightened Guide to Irish Baby Naming

Bible Baby Names: Spiritual Choices from Judeo-Christian Tradition

The Book of African Names*

The Book of Irish Names: First, Family and Place Names*

California Place Names

Cassell Dictionary of Proper Names

The Complete Book of Hebrew Baby Names

The Complete Book of Magical Names

The Complete Dictionary of English and Hebrew First Names*

Dictionary of First Names

A Dictionary of Lunar Feature Names

A Dictionary of Jewish Names and Their History

What Is Your Name : Book of Eritrean and Ethiopian Names

The Distinctive Book of Redneck Baby Names

The Guinness Book of Names

Irish Names for Children

Japanese Names: A Comprehensive Index by Characters

The Language of Names

The Melting Pot Book of Names

Tracks of Dancing Light: A Native American Approach to Understanding Your Name

The Ultimate Baby Name Book

Unusual and Popular Baby Names

What to Name Your African-American Baby: Names of Significance & Dignity to Reflect Your Child's Heritage

What's in a Name?  Reflections of an Irrepressible Name Collector

What's in a Name? Unaitwaje?  A Swahili Book of Names

Ancient Egyptian Names for Dogs

Who Were the Pharaohs?  A History of Their Names with a List of Cartouches

Wisdom Sits in Places: Landscape and Language Among the Western Apache

Saints Names for Your Baby

Onomasticon Godelicum: Locorum Et Tribuum Hiberniae Et Scotiae: An Index, with Identifications, to the Gaelic Names of Places and Tribes

The New Age Baby Name Book

The Complete Guide to African-American Baby Names

Celtic Names for Children

Dictionary of First Names

The Name Book: The One Place to Find Names for Everything Imaginable, Except Babies

The Best Baby Names for Jewish Children

Names of Women of the Bible

Chinese Names : The Traditions Surrounding the Use of Chinese Surnames and Personal Names

Irish First Names

What's in a Name : Discovering the Fascinating Origins and Contemporary Meanings of More Than 3,000 Names

Armenian First Names

Baby Names Around the World

Dictionary of German Names

Celtic Names for Children

What Is Your Name : Book of Eritrean & Ethiopian Names

The New A-Z of Babies' Names

Complete Book of Baby Names : Traditional and Modern

A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names -- NEW!

The Dictionary of Irish Family Names -- NEW!

As you may have noted from my homepage, my name comes from the Hebrew, Latin and Gaelic respectively.   Allegedly, my name literally means: God's-concecrated-house youthful son-of-the-strong-in-battle, thus Temple Y. Battlestrong, for short.  Mom named me Elizabeth because she thought it sounded strong, and Dad because he wanted to name me after the Betsy McCall doll.  What wonderful reasons.  Kinda an odd name for an atheist though.  If I ever have children, I would want to give them names whose meanings I know, and evoke some sense of my hopes for them.  Something that won't be confused with anyone else either.  All these great names out there that no one uses.  Hey, use them already!!

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