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This is the last page.  It's all the hardest ones, both because I know they're hard and because I know it's math but not what it is much less how to do it.  If anyone has any suggestions or comments about what this stuff is really about, please let me know.  This page is probably most subject to change of all of them, since as I figure out what I'm reading, I'll have to move the book.

Oh, btw, if you aren't interested in browsing the list, some browsers are equipped with a function from the menu that allows you to search the entire page for a keyword.  Try it.

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13 Lectures on Fermat's Last Theorem

1990 Lectures in Complex Systems : The Proceedings of the Complex Systems Summer School Santa Fe, New Mexico June, 1990


Abelian L-Adic Representations and Elliptic Curves

Abraham Robinson : The Creation of Nonstandard Analysis, a Personal and Mathematical Odyssey

Abstract and Concrete Categories : The Joy of Cats

Abstract Convex Analysis

Adaptive Methods of Calculus Mathematics and Mechanics Stochastic Variant -- NEW!

Additive Number Theory : Inverse Problems and the Geometry of Sumsets

Additive Number Theory of Polynomials over a Finite Field

Adjoint Equations and Perturbation Algorithms in Nonlinear Problems

Advanced Calculus; A Friendly Approach -- NEW!

Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers

Advanced Analysis : On the Real Line

Advances in Computational Electrodynamics : The Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method -- NEW!

Advances in Distributed Sensor Integration : Application and Theory

Advances in Queueing : Theory, Methods, and Open Problems

Advances in Ring Theory

Affine Lie Algebras and Quantum Groups : An Introduction, With Applications in Conformal Field Theory

Algebraic K-Theory and Its Applications -- NEW!

Algorithmic Probability : A Collection of Problems

Algorithms for Nonlinear Programming and Multiple-Objective Decisions

Alternative Mathematical Theory of Non-Equilibrium Phenomena

Analysis and Topology -- NEW!

Analysis on Infinite-Dimensional Lie Groups and Algebras -- NEW!

Analysis of Ordinal Categorical Data

The Analysis of Space-Time Singularities

Analysis of the K-Epsilon Turbulence Model

Analytic Pseudodifferential Operators for the Heisenberg Group and Local Solvability

Analytic Semigroups and Semilinear Initial Boundary Value Problems

Applied and Computational Complex Analysis : Power Series-Integration-Conformal Mapping Local of Zero

Applied Bayesian Forecasting and Times Series Analysis

Applied Combinatorics With Problem Solving

Applied Complex Variables

Applied Dimensional Analysis and Modeling

Applied Non-Gaussian Processes : Examples, Theory, Simulation, Linear Random Vibration, and Matlab Solutions/Book&Disk

Applied Nonlinear Dynamics : Analytical, Computational, and Experimental Methods

Applied Nonlinear Semigroups -- NEW!

Applied Wavelet Analysis With S-Plus

Aspects of Uncertainty : A Tribute to D.V. Lindley

Asymptotic Theory of Separated Flows -- NEW!

Automorphic Representations of Unitary Groups in Three Variables


Backward Stochastic Differential Equations

Banach Spaces for Analysts

Banach Spaces of Analytic Functions

The Banach-Tarski Paradox

Bayesian Inference in Statistical Analysis

Bayesian Theory

Boundary Behavior of Holomorobic Functions of Several Complex Variables


Casson's Invariant for Oriented Homology 3-Spheres : An Exposition

Catastrophe Theory and Phase Transitions : Topological Aspects of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena

Causal Symmetric Spaces : Geometry and Harmonic Analysis

Character Theory of Finite Groups

Choquet-Deny Type Functional Equations With Applications to Stochastic Models : Equations With Applicatiosn to Probability and Statistics

Classical and Fuzzy Concepts in Mathematical Logic and Applications

Classical Banach Spaces; Sequence and Spaces

Classical Descriptive Set Theory

Classical Dynamics of Particles and Systems

The Classical Groups : Their Invariants and Representations

Classical Mechanics : Transformations, Flows, Integrable and Chaotic Dynamics

Clifford (Geometric) Algebras With Applications to Physics, Mathematics, and Engineering

Clifford Algebras and the Classical Groups

Clifford Algebras in Analysis and Related Topics

Clifford Algebras With Numeric and Symbolic Computations

The Cohomology of Groups

Cohomology Operations

Combinatorial Algorithms : Generation, Enumeration and Search -- NEW!

Combinatorial Aspects of Lie Superalgebras

Combinatorial Convexity and Algebraic Geometry

Combinatorial Geometry

A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology

Combinatorial Theory

Combinatorial Theory and Statistical Design

Combinatorics : Topics, Techniques, Algorithms

Combinatorics and Commutative Algebra

Combinatorics of Finite Geometries

Comic-Strip Math : 40 Reproducible Cartoons With Dozens of Funny Story Problems That Build Essential Math Skills

Commutative Algebra with a View Toward Algebraic Geometry

Commutative Semigroup Rings

Complex Analytic Theory of Teichmuller Spaces

Complex Dynamics

Complex Dynamics and Renormalization

Complexity and Real Computation

Complexity Theory Retrospective II

Composition Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions

Computability and Logic

Computability and Unsolvability

Computability, Complexity, and Languages : Fundamentals of Theoretical Computer Science

Computability, Enumerability, Unsolvability : Directions in Recursion Theory (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 224)

Computational Complexity and Feasibility of Data Processing and Interval Computations

Computational Electromagnetism : Variational Formulations, Complementarity, Edge Elements

Correspondence Analysis in Practice

Cornerstones of Undecidability

A Course in Galois Theory

A Course in Homological Algebra

The CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs

CRC Handbook of Lie Group Analysis of Differential Equations : New Trends in Theorectical Developments and Computational Methods

CRC Standard Mathematical Tables and Formulae (30th Ed)*

The Crystal Lattice : Photons, Solitons, Dislocations -- NEW!

Current Topics in Complex Algebraic Geometry

Curves and Singularities : A Geometrical Introduction to Singularity Theory

Cyclotomic Fields I and II


D-Modules and Spherical Representations

Data Refinement, Model-Oriented Proof Methods and Their Comparison -- NEW!

Dimension Theory in Dynamical Systems : Contemporary Views and Applications

Discrete Groups and Geometry : Papers Dedicated to A.M. MacBeath, Proceedings of a Conference at Birmingham University

Discrete Groups, Expanding Graphs and Invariant Measures

Discrete Location Theory

Discrete Mathematics

Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

Discrete Mathematics With Graph Theory

Discrete-Time Markov Control Processes : Basic Optimality Criteria

Discrete-Time Signal Processing

Domain Decomposition : Parallel Multilevel Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Dynamical Systems V : Bifurcation Theory and Catastrophe Theory

Dynamics : Numerical Explorations

Dynamics and Bifurcations


Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications

Elementary Real and Complex Analysis

The Elements of Advanced Mathematics

Elements of Algebraic Coding Theory

Elements of Algebraic Topology

Elements of Applied Bifurcation Theory

Elements of Applied Stochastic Processes

The Elements of Complex Analysis

Elements of Point Set Topology

Elements of Real Analysis

Elements of Stochastic Processes With Applications to the Natural Sciences

Elements of the System Dynamics Method

Elements of the Theory of Markov Processes and Their Applications

Elements of the Topology of Plane Sets of Points

Elliptic Boundary Value Problems With Indefinite Weights - Variational Formulations of the Principal Eigenvalue and Applications

Elliptic Marching Methods and Domain Decomposition

Empirical Model Building

Empirical Processes With Applications to Statistics

Enumerative Combinatorics

Equivalence, Invariants, and Symmetry

Ergodic Theory

Ergodic Theory and Its Connection With Harmonic Analysis : Proceedings of the 1993 Alexandria Conference

Error Propagation in Environmental Modelling With Gis

Essentials of Control

Etale Cohomology

Etale Homotopy of Simplicial Schemes

Evolution Equations and Lagrangian Coordinates

Evolution of Random Search Trees

Evolution of Systems in Random Media

Experiments in Topology


Field and Galois Theory

Finite Difference Equations

The Finite Difference Method in Partial Differential Equations

Finite Dimensional Algebras

Finite Geometrics and Combinatorics : The Second International Conference at Deinze

A First Course in Combinatorial Mathematics

A First Course in Discrete Dynamical Systems

Fivefold Symmetry

Forecasting With Dynamic Regression Models

Foundations of Fuzzy Systems

Function Spaces, Entropy Numbers, Differential Operators

Function Theory of One Complex Variable

Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis -- NEW!

Functional Analysis : Theory and Applications

Functional Analysis With Current Applications in Science, Technology and Industry

Functions of One Complex Variable II

Functions of Two Variables

Fundamentals of Acoustic Signal Processing

Fundamentals of Measurable Dynamics : Ergodic Theory on Lebesgue Spaces

Fundamentals of Semigroup Theory

Fundamentals of Applied Functional Analysis : Distributions, Sobolev Spaces, Nonlinear Elliptic Equations

Fundamentals of Dynamical Systems and Bifurcation Theory

Fuzzy Sets and Fuzzy Logic : Theory and Applications


Gabor Analysis and Algorithms : Theory and Applications

Galois Theory

Games and Decisions : Introduction and Critical Survey

Gauss Sums, Kloosterman Sums, and Monodromy Groups

The General Theory of Lie Groupoids and Lie Algebroids -- NEW!

Generalized Analytic Functions in Fractional Spaces

Generalized Cauchy-Riemann Systems With a Singular Point

Generalized Manifolds : A Generalized Manifold Theory With Applications to Applied Dynamical Systems and Twistor Theory

Generalized Solutions of First Order Pdes : The Dynamical Optimization Perspective

Generalized Vector and Dyadic Analysis : Applied Mathematics in Field Theory

Geometric Scattering Theory

Geometric Tomography

Geometric Transformations

Geometry of Complex Numbers : Circle Geometry, Moebius Transformation, Non-Euclidean Geometry

Geometry of Phase Spaces

The Geometry of Physics : An Introduction

Geometry of the Quintic

Geometry, Relativity, and the Fourth Dimension

Gesammelte Mathematische Werke, Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass & Nachtrage : Collected Papers -- NEW!

Global Analysis in Mathematical Physics : Geometric and Stochastic Methods

Global Bifurcation in Variational Inequalities : Applications to Obstacle and Unilateral Problems

Global Classical Solutions for Quaslinear Hyberbolic Systems

Global Hypoellipticity and Spectral Theory

Graphical Belief Modeling


Handbook of Combinatorics

Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry

Harmonic Analysis and Special Functions on Symmetric Spaces

Harmonic Maps, Loop Groups and Integrable Systems

Higher Dimensional Complex Geometry : A Summer Seminar at the University of Utah, Salt Lake City, 1987

Hilbert Space : Compact Operators and the Trace Theorem

Hilbert Space Methods in Probability and Statistical Inference

Hilbert Space Methods in Science and Engineering

The Hilbert Transform of Schwartz Distributions and Applications

Hyperfunctions on Hypo-Analytic Manifolds

Hypo-Analytic Structures : Local Theory

Hysteresis and Phase Transitions

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