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More math!!  These books are all college math books.  Defintitely harder than Calculus, but stuff that I have either taken or else I know what the topic is, even if I haven't actually taken a course on it.  I've got an undergraduate minor in math, so these are mostly upper level undegraduate subjects or lower level graduate level subjects.  Have fun.  Incidentally, these are alpha by title.

Oh, btw, if you aren't interested in browsing the list, some browsers are equipped with a function from the menu that allows you to search the entire page for a keyword.  Try it.

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Rational Points on Elliptic Curves

Readings in Fuzzy Sets for Intelligent Systems

Real Analysis

Real Analysis : Modern Techniques and Their Applications

Real and Complex Analysis

Realizability Theory for Continuous Linear Systems

Recent Advances in Partial Differential Equations

Recent Advances in Wavelet Analysis

Regression Analysis : Concepts and Applications

Regular Polytopes

Representing and Reasoning With Probabilistic Knowledge : A Logical Approach to Probabilities

Rings, Fields, and Vector Spaces : An Introduction to Abstract Algebra Via Geometric Constructibility


Salas and Hille's Calculus : One and Several Variables

Salas and Hille's Calculus : One Variable

Sample Survey Methods and Theory, Vol. 1          Vol. 2

Sampling Theory in Fourier and Signal Analysis : Foundations

Schaum's Outline of Finite Mathematics

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Combinatorics

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Discrete Mathematics

Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Finite Element Analysis

Schemas in Problem Solving

A Second Course in Statistics : Regression Analysis

The Self-Avoiding Walk

The Sheer Joy of Celestial Mechanics

Shapes, Space, and Symmetry

A Shorter Model Theory

Signal and Image Representation in Combined Spaces

Signal Processing With Alpha-Stable Distributions and Applications

Signals, Systems, and Transforms

Similarity and Equivalent Fractions

Simple Algebras, Base Change, and the Advanced Theory of the Trace Formula

A Simple Introduction to Numerical Analysis

Statistical Analysis of Circular Data

Statistical Analysis of Nonnormal Data

Statistical Analysis of Spherical Data

Statistical Analysis With Missing Data

Statistical Concepts and Methods

Statistical Distributions

Statistical Evidence : A Likelihood Paradigm

Statistical Factor Analysis and Related Methods : Theory and Applications

Statistical Field Theory : From Brownian Motion to Renormalization and Lattice Gauge Theory

Statistical Inference

Statistical Mechanics

Statistical Mechanics : A Set of Lectures

Statistical Methods

Statistical Methods, Experimental Design, and Scientific Inference

Statistical Tests for Mixed Linear Models

The Statistical Theory of Shape

Statistics : A Guide to the Use of Statistical Methods in the Physical Sciences

Statistics for Research

Statistical Analysis : An Interdisciplinary Introduction to Univariate and Multivariate Methods

Statistical Methods

Statistical Methods for Non-Precise Data

Stochastic Calculus : A Practical Introduction

A Student's Guide to Fourier Transforms : With Applications in Physics and Engineering

A Survey of Numerical Mathematics,  Vol. 1        Vol. 2

Symmetries and Differential Equations



Ten Lectures on Wavelets*

Tensor Calculus

Theory and Applications of Numerical Analysis

Theory and Numerics of Ordinary and Partial Differential Equations

Theory of Algebraic Numbers -- NEW!

Theory of Culture Change : The Methodology of Multilinear Evolution

Theory of Functions

Theoretical Probability for Applications

Theory and Application of Infinite Series

Theory and Applications of Partial Functional Differential Equations

Theory of Algebraic Invariants

Theory of Approximation

Theory of Matrices

Theory of Probability

Three-Dimensional Geometry and Topology

Time Dependent Problems and Difference Methods

Tools for Statistical Inference : Methods for the Exploration of Posterior Distributions and Likelihood Functions

Topics in Algebraic and Analytic Geometry

Topological Spaces : From Distance to Neighborhood

Toward a General Theory of Systems: : One Man's Window on the Universe

Transcendental Number Theory

A Treatise on the Theory of Bessel Functions


Understanding Robust and Exploratory Data Analysis

A User's Guide to Principal Components


Variational Methods in Mechanics

Variance Components

Variance Components : Mixed Models, Methodologies and Applications

Variational Calculus and Optimal Control : Optimization With Elementary Convexity

Variational Methods for Eigenvalue Problems : An Introduction to the Methods of Rayleigh, Ritz, Weinstein, and Aronszajn

Variational Theories for Liquid Crystals

The Vector Analysis Problem Solver (Rea's Problem Solvers)

Vector and Tensor Analysis With Applications

Vector Calculus

Vector Space Projections : A Numerical Approach to Signal and Image Processing, Neural Nets, and Optics

Viscous Flow

Visualization and Mathematics : Experiments, Simulations and Environments

Volumetric Image Analysis


A Weak Convergence Approach to the Theory of Large Deviations

The World According to Wavelets : The Story of a Mathematical Technique in the Making




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