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These are, as the title says, basic books on math.  These are books for people who are afraid of math, and also books on math without the math--on the general principles, puzzles, broad outlines without equations.  Stuff for casual reading for math lovers, and books for mathematically illiterate to get over their phobia.  Know of any good books that I should have here that aren't?  Please let me know so I can add them. Incidentally, these are alpha by title.

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I Hate Mathematics! Book

Images of Infinity

In Search of Infinity

In the Wind; Real-World Mathematics Through Science

Infinity and the Mind : The Science and Philosophy of the Infinite

Innumeracy : Mathematical Illiteracy and Its Consequences

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

Intermediate Algebra : A Graphing Approach

Intermediate Algebra With Early Functions

Intermediate Algebra-Preliminary Edition : A Journey by Discovery of Curve-Fitting

Internet Activities for Math

Interpolation and Approximation

Intimations of Infinity : The Cultural Meanings of the Eqwaye Counting System and Number

Intriguing Mathematical Problems

Introduction to the History of Mathematics

Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

Introduction to Symbolic Logic and Its Applications

Introductory Algebra, Programmed

Introductory Geometry

Invitation to Mathematics


The Joy of Pi


Kaplan GRE/GMAT Math Workbook

Kaplan SAT II: Mathematics 1998-99

Kaplan SAT Math Workbook


The Little Book of Big Primes

Logic for Mathematicians

The Logic of Decision

Logic of Mathematics : A Modern Course of Classical Logic


Magic Numbers of Dr Matrix

The Magic of Mathematics : Discovering the Spell of Mathematics

The Magic of Numbers with Joy and Fun

The Magical Maze : Seeing the World Through Mathematical Eyes

Making Sense of Intermediate Algebra : Models, Functions and Graphs - Preliminary Edition

The Master Book of Mathematical Recreations

Master Math : Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

Master Math : Pre-Calculus and Geometry

Mastering Fractions : Most Complete Book on Fractions

Math Equals : Biographies of Women Mathematicians+Related Activities

Math for Smart Test-Takers : Sat, Psat, Act, Gre, Gmat

Math for Smarty Pants

Math Power : How to Help Your Child Love Math, Even If You Don't

Math : Facing an American Phobia

Math Applied to Space Science; Interesting Problems and Their Solutions

Math Logic Puzzles

Math Review for Standardized Tests

Math Smart : Essential Math for These Numeric Times

Math Stories for Problem Solving Success : Ready-To-Use Activities for Grades 7-12

Math Survival Guide; Tips for Science Students

Mathematical Investigations : An Introduction to Algebraic Thinking : Concepts and Processes for the College Student

Mathematical Mysteries : The Beauty and Magic of Numbers

Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times: Vol. 1      Vol. 2      Vol. 3

The Mathematical Traveler : Exploring the Grand History of Numbers

The Mathematical Universe : An Alphabetical Journey Through the Great Proofs, Problems and Personalities

Mathematics : A Way of Thinking

Mathematics : From the Birth of Numbers

Mathematics : The Loss of Certainty

Mathematics : The New Golden Age

Mathematics and Humor

Mathematics and the Unexpected

Mathematics for the Curious

Mathematical Brain Teasers

Mathematical Bafflers

Mathematical Brain Benders : Second Miscellany of Puzzles

Mathematical Challenge

Mathematical Fallacies and Paradoxes

Mathematical Groups

Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd

Mathematics : The Science of Patterns : The Search for Order in Life, Mind and the Universe

Mathematics at Work : Practical Applications of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Logarithms to the Step-By-Step Solutions of Mechanic

Mathematics for the Nonmathematician

Mathemagics : How to Look Like a Genius Without Really Trying

Mind Tools : The Five Levels of Mathematical Reality


Mobius and His Band : Mathematics and Astronomy in Nineteenth-Century Germany

More Joy of Mathematics : Exploring Mathematics All Around You

More Mathematical Byways

More Mathematical Challenges : Problems for the Uk Junior Mathematical Olympiad 1989-95

More Mathematical Puzzles of Sam Loyd

More Rapid Math Tricks and Tips : 30 Days to Number Mastery

The Most Beautiful Mathematical Formulas

Multicultural Mathematics

Multiplication Rock

The Music of Reason : Experience the Beauty of Mathematics Through Quotations

My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles

Myth of Invariance : The Origins of the Gods, Mathematics and Music from the Rg Veda to Plato


The Nature and Growth of Modern Mathematics

The Nature and Power of Mathematics

The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge

The Nature of Mathematics

Nature's Numbers : The Unreal Reality of Mathematics

New Math Workbook for Sat I

New Revised Cambridge GED Program; Mathematics

Number : The Language of Science

A Number for Your Thoughts

Number Mosaics : Journeys in Search of Universals

Number Puzzles

Number Puzzles for Math Geniuses

The Number Sense : How the Mind Creates Mathematics

Number Words and Number Symbols : A Cultural History of Numbers

Numbers and Symmetry : An Introduction to Algebra


The Only Math Book You'll Ever Need

Overcoming Math Anxiety


Patterns in Mathematics : Problem Solving from Counting to Chaos

The Penguin Book of Curious and Interesting Mathematics

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Geometry

The Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers

Personal Mathematics and Computing : Tools for the Liberal Arts

Peterson's Sat Mat Flash : The Quick Way to Build Math Power for the Sat-And Beyond

Philosophical Geometry

Philosophy of Mathematics

The Philosophy of Mathematics

The Philosophy of Mathematics

Pi in the Sky : Counting, Thinking, and Being

Plane Trigonometry, With Tables

Playing With Infinity : Mathematical Explorations and Excursions

The Pleasures of Counting

Popular Lectures on Mathematical Logic

Practical Algebra : A Self Teaching Guide

Practical Math Success in 20 Minutes a Day

Practical Mathematics

Practicing to Take the Gre Mathematics Test


The Pre-Calculus Problem Solver : A Complete Solution Guide to Any Textbook


Precalc With Trigonometry (Bob Miller's Calc for the Clueless)


Precalculus : A Graphing Approach

Precalculus : A View of the World Around Us

Precalculus : Enhanced With Graphing Utilities

Precalculus : Functions and Graphs

Precalculus : Graphing and Data Analysis

Precalculus Mathematics

Prelude to Mathematics

Prentice Hall Refresher Mathematics

Preparation for the Sat II : Math Level Ic-IIC

Primary Problem Solving in Math

Probabilities in Everyday Life

The Probability Tutoring Book : An Intuitive Course for Engineers and Scientists (And Everyone Else!)

Problem Solving

Problem Solving Across the Disciplines : Preliminary Edition

Problem Solving and Logic

Problem Solving With Creative Mathematics

Problem-Solving Strategies

Problems and Snapshots from the World of Probability

Proofs and Refutations : The Logic of Mathematical Discovery

Ptolemy's Handy Tables : The Astronomical Tables of Codex Vaticanus Graecus, 1291 -- NEW!

Pure Mathematics : The School Mathematics Project

Puzzles in Math and Logic : One-Hundred New Recreations


Quantum Mechanics and Experience

Quick Algebra Review : A Self-Teaching Guide

Quick Arithmetic

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