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I love languages and so I studied about ten so far, to varying degrees, and that led me to the study of linguistics because the differences, sometimes subtle and sometimes not-so-subtle, between them fascinated me.  I've admittedly developed some bizarre inerests in my pursuit of this topic, as the list of books below will no doubt prove.  I've also included on the list some of my textbooks from my linguistic education, so that the beginner who wants to learn more can do so before they get in over their heads with the other stuff.

Phonetics -- Phonology -- Morphology -- Syntax -- Mathematical & Computational Linguistics --
Anthropological Linguistics -- Historical Linguistics -- Language Families -- Books by my Professors --
History of Linguistics -- Misc.

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A Course in Phonetics*

Accoustic and Auditory Phonetics*

Sounds of the World's Languages

Acoustic Phonetics -- NEW!

Search for British books with phonetics in the title.


Generative Phonology*

Optimality Theory: An Overview*

The Handbook of Phonological Theory*

Ancient Scripts and Phonological Knowledge

The Phonology-Syntax Connection

Parsing Below the Segment in a Constraint-Based Framework

Syllabification and Consonant Coocurrence Conditions

Metrical Stress Theory : Principles and Case Studies

Search for British books with phonology in the title.


Morphology: Word Studies in Generative Grammar

Morphology & Its Relation to Phonology and Syntax

Lexeme-Morpheme Base Morphology


Parameters of Morphosyntactic Change

A-Morphous Morphology

Combinatorial Morphology

Computational Morphology

Current Morphology

The Structure of Complex Words

Morphology and Its Relation to Phonology and Syntax

Morphology-Driven Syntax -- NEW!

Boundaries of Morphology and Syntax -- NEW!

Search for British books with morphology in the title.


Morphology-Driven Syntax: A Theory of V to I Raising and Pro-Drop -- NEW!

Introduction to Government and Binding Theory*

The Minimalist Program

Local Economy

Case*                            Ergativity*

Tense*                      Verb Movement

A Course in GB Syntax

English Prepositions Explained

Syntactic Issues in the English Imperative -- NEW!

Definitions : Implications for Syntax, Semantics and the Language of Thought  -- NEW!

The Design of Agreement : The Evidence from Chamorro -- NEW!

Prosody, Focus, and Word Order  -- NEW!

The Dependencies of Objects -- NEW!

Syntax and Semantics (Vol 31) -- NEW!

Search for British books with syntax in the title.

Mathematical and Computational Linguistics:

Mathematical Methods in Linguistics*

Linguistics Databases

Computational Approaches to Language Acquisition

Search for British books with mathematical linguistics in the title.

Search for British books with computational linguistics in the title.

Anthropological Linguistics:

Pidgins and Creoles: Theory and Structure

Archaeology and Language II : Archaeological Data and Linguistic Hypotheses -- NEW!

The Life of Our Language : Kaqchikel Maya Maintenance, Shift, and Revitalization -- NEW!

Historical Linguistics:

Anatolian Historical Phonology

Tocharian Historical Phonology and Morphology


Syntactic Change

English Historical Syntax

Mechanisms of Syntactic Change

Languages of Japan

The American Language: An Inquiry into the Development of English in the United States

Mesoamerican Writing Systems: Propaganda, Myth and History of Four Ancient Civilizations

Comparative-Historical Linguistics: Indo-European and Finno-Ugric

The Rise and Fall of Languages

The Glottalic Theory : Survey and Synthesis

Consonant Lenition in Korean and the Macro-Altaic Question

Historical and Linguistic Interaction Between Inner-Asia and Europe -- NEW!

Contributions to Comparative Indo-European, African and Chinese Linguistics -- NEW!

Linguistic Structure and Change: An Explanation from Language Processing -- NEW!

Nostratic: Sifting the Evidence -- NEW!

Search for British books with historical linguistics in the title.

Language Families: (see also some of the indivual languages in the family if they're here)

The Indo-European Languages

The Celtic Languages

The Germanic Languages

The Slavonic Languages

The Niger-Congo Languages

Niger-Kordofanian-Congo Language Family

 The Turkic Languages

The Uralic Languages

Cochimi & Proto-Yuman

The Dravidian Languages

Japanese-Korean Linguistics

Comparative Semitic Linguistics

Books by my professors:

Current Approaches in African Linguistics, by P. Newman

Subjects in Japanese and English, by Y. Kitagawa

Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, N. Tsujimura*

Handbook of Armenian Dialectology, by John A.C. Greppin

Classical and Middle Armenian bird names : a linguistic, taxonomic, and mythological study, by John A.C. Greppin

History of Linguistics and Language:

History of Linguistics, Vol. 1: Eastern

Vol. 2: Classical & Medieval                     Vol. 3: Arabic

On the Origin of Languages

The Origin and Diversification of Language -- NEW!


American English : Dialects and Variation (Language in Society, No 24)

(Sociolinguistics) Codes and Consequences: Choosing Linguistic Varieties -- NEW!

A Descriptive Approach to Language-Theoretic Complexity -- NEW!

(Semantics) The Linguistics of Giving -- NEW!

 (Semantics) English Verb Classes and Alternations : A Preliminary Investigation

(Field Methods) Studying and Describing Unwritten Languages

Dialectology -- NEW!                   Dialects in Schools and Communities -- NEW!

Handbook of Perceptual Dialectology (Empirical Linguistics Series) -- NEW!

(Cognitive) Approaches to the Evolution of Language : Social and Cognitive Bases -- NEW!

 (Cogntive) Cultural, Psychological and Typological Issues in Cognitive Linguistics  -- NEW!

(Acquisition) Language Behaviour : Acquisition and Evolutionary History (Language and Development ) -- NEW! - Comprehensive online directory of study abroad and international education. Includes college undergraduate semester, year-long and summer programs, intensive language and experiential programs plus high school and graduate study abroad.


These pages contain books on language instruction, literature in some cases, and also linguistics books that relate to that particular language.  Browse the list.  Some books could be put in more than one place and may not be, so e.g. There is a book that compares Sanskrit, Latin, Classical Greek and the Teutonic (Germanic) languages, and it's on the Sanskrit page.  Why?  'Cause that's what I was looking for when I found it, I guess.

Language Grammars

Basque                Hungarian

Sanskrit                       Latin

Indo-European (linguistics, mostly)

Classical Greek           Old English

Old Norse, Old Icelandic, Runes

German                   French

Japanese                 Celtic

Twi                    Slavic

Altaic            Luo & Nilo-Saharan

Can you think of anything else, another language you'd like a list of resources to?  E-mail me so I can add it.

Looking for something else?

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