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Japanese was a great language to study, and yes, it's hard work.  But hey, if you can learn English, you should be able to learn Japanese, it's just a different kind of hard.  And besides, it can't be as hard as Chinese...

Know of any other books I should have here?  Let me know.

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Introduction to Japanese Linguistics*

Contrastive Studies: Hungarian-Japanese

The Japanese Language Through Time*

The Sound-Symbolic System of Japanese *

Japanese: The Spoken Language*

The Kanji Dictionary

Outrageous Japanese Slang, Curses and Epithets*

Reading Japanese*

101 Japanese Idioms

501 Japanese Verbs

Basic Japanese Dictionary

Teach Yourself Japanese*

Beginner's Japanese, Part 1

Colloquial Japanese*

Dictionary Japanese-English

Easy Kana Workbook

Easy Kanji

How to Sound Intelligent in Japanese

Japanese-Korean Linguistics

Languages of Japan*

Complex Predicates in Japanese: A Syntactic and Semantic Study of the Notion "Word"

The Sound-Symbolic System of Japanese*

The Practical Japanese-English Dictionary

American English/Japanese, Level I -- NEW!

The Structure and History of Japanese : From Yamatokotoba to Nihongo -- NEW!

Basic Japanese Through Comics -- NEW!

Altaic - Comprehensive online directory of study abroad and international education. Includes college undergraduate semester, year-long and summer programs, intensive language and experiential programs plus high school and graduate study abroad.


L'Asie Exotique



Mrs. Lin's Kitchen

Silk Road Emporium

Japan Designworks

Black Moon - Traditional Japanese Gifts

Frieda's by Mail - Japanese food

Maruwa Japanese Foods Supermarket

Japanese Food

Jun Japanese Gifts

M'dori Japanese Gifts

Asahi Japan Collectibles

Oriental Treasures

All Things Japanese

The Paper Catalog

Temari - Japanese Embroidered Thread Balls


M'dori Creative Japanese Gifts

Ninjitsu Home Study University

Martial Artists Dojo Directory

Sticky Rice

Chopstick Taboos

Tokyo Food Page

jeKai - Japanese word website (these are words not in dictionaries that require explanations or pictures) -- NEW!
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