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Hungarian was a fun language, though I didn't study it for very long.  It's a decent introduction to the Finno-Ugric family.  It has fewer cases than Finnish, and more than most Indo-European languages have left, even the old, dead ones.  What does Finnish have anyway?  Fourteen cases or something like that?  Hungarian might be a better place to start, especially if the only language you've studied so far has been French or German.

Colloquial Hungarian

English-Hungarian Hungarian-English Concise Dictionary

English-Hungarian Standard Dictionary

Hungarian Linguistics

Beginner's Hungarian

Hungarian Basic Course*

Hungarian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar

Contrastive Studies: Hungarian-Japanese, Hungarian-Russian

Dictionary of Hungarian Slang

English-Hungarian Dictionary of Idioms

Grammatical Proof of the Affinity of the Hungarian Language with Languages of Fennic Origin

Hungarian Inflectional Morphology

And some related languages:

Dated texts from Mari : a tabulation

Colloquial Latvian : A Complete Language Course

Latvian Language : Grammar, Vocabulary, Exercises Vocabulary and Exercises

A Grammar of Modern Latvian

Case Markings of Subject Phrases in Modern Standard Estonian

Estonian Textbook : Grammar Exercises Conversation

Lexical Characteristics of the Estonian North Eastern Coastal Dialect


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