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This page contains a list of miscellaneous grammars for  various languages that might be interesting to learn or research.  For a more extensive list of books on particular languages, see the separate pages I have for a handful of languages.  If you should find any of these interesting enough to want to pursue further, let me know so I can expand my list.  Also if there is some other language I'm missing, let me know that, too.  The list is organized alphabetically by language. - Comprehensive online directory of study abroad and international education. Includes college undergraduate semester, year-long and summer programs, intensive language and experiential programs plus high school and graduate study abroad.

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The Ainu Language          A Reconstruction of Proto-Ainu

Key to a Grammar of Akkadian            Akkadian Grammar

Standard Albanian           Albanian Grammar: w/ exercies, chrestomathy, glossaries

Aleut Grammar


Colloquial Amharic

Arabic Grammar                        Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar       Arabic
Reference Grammar of Syrian Arabic              An Intro to Koranic and Classical Arabic
Yemeni Arabic Reference Grammar      Egyptian Arabic    A Short Reference Grammar of Moroccan Arabic

A Grammar of Egyptian Aramaic        Neo-Aramaic Dialect of Kurdistan

Armenian Eastern Newspaper Reader and Grammar

Beginner's Assyrian

Australian Aboriginal Languages

An Avesta Grammar

Modern Aztec Grammatical Sketches



Beginning Bambara


A Grammar of Belizean Creole : Complications from Two Existing United States Dialects

Bemba-English English-Bemba Dictionary


Mersad Berber

Blackfoot Grammar

Bogotu-English/English-Bogotu Concise Dictionary; A Language of the Solomon Islands

A Grammar of Boumaa Fijian


Buli-English Dictionary & Grammar


Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar


Chamorro Reference Grammar

Chartbook: A Reference Grammar

Cheremis Literary Reader

Basic Chinese: A Grammar and Workbook

Introduction to Choctaw

A Grammar of Cingoni-Nsenga

A Grammar of Comanche

Introduction to the Croatian and Serbian Language

Colloquial Czech


The Structure of Dagaare

Dakota Grammar


Modes in Denya Discourse

A Descriptive Grammar of the Djingili Language

Dongolese Nubian: A Grammar

Doyayo Language

A Grammar of Dumi

Dutch              Essential Dutch Grammar


Verbal Piece in Ebira

Egyptian Grammar          Ancient Egyptian
Notes on Late Egyptian Grammar             Notes on Middle Egyptian Grammar

Old English

An Erromangan Sye Grammar

Estonian Textbook

Five Texts in Etruscan : Early Gothic Language of Tyrrhenians and Ancient Jutes



Colloquial Finnish
Grammatical Case Assignment in Finnish


Frisian Reference Grammar

Fronteras Grammar

English-Fula Dictionary: Fulfulde, Pulaar, Fulani

Fulfulde-Maasina-English-French Lexicon


A Comparative Phonology of Gbe

Grammar for Gemara

Georgian: A Reading Grammar


A Paradigmatic Grammar of Gikuyu

A Functional Grammar of Gooniyardi

Greek: A Complete Course for Beginners             Greek                Essential Modern Greek Grammar
Greek Dictionary and Phrasebook
Classical Greek

English-Gujarati Standard Dictionary; Spoken in Gujarat, India

Phonological Study of Gwari Lects


An Introductory Course in Haitian Creole

A Grammar of Upriver Halkomelem


Pedagogical Grammar of Hawaiian

The Grammar of Modern Hebrew                   Modern Hebrew: An Essential Grammar

Essentials of Hindi Grammar                     Fiji Hindi

A Grammar of Huallaga



Aspects of Igbo Grammar        Dictionary of the Igbo Language

Ilocano-English English-Ilocano Dictionary


Colloquial Indonesian

Case and Agreement in Inuit

Berlitz Italian Grammar Handbook            HarperCollins Italian Concise Dictionary




A Grammar of the Kabardian Language

English Kannada Dictionary
A Reference Grammar of Spoken Kannada

An Intensive Course in Kasmiri

Kawaiisu: a Grammar and Dictionary with Texts

Eastern Kayah Li

A Grammar of Kayardild (with Historical-Comparative Notes on Tangkic)

Kazakh Grammar w/Affix List


Phonology and Morphology of Kimatuumbi

Kinyamwezi: Grammar, Texts, Vocabulary

A Kirghiz Reader

A Grammar of Kisi, a South Atlantic Language

Koasati Grammar

A Reference Grammar of Korean                   Korean Grammar  
Consonant Lenition in Korean and the Macro-Altaic Question*
Korean (Teach Yourself)

Kwakiutl Grammar



A Grammar of Lango


A Short Grammar of Latvian                   A Grammar of Latvian

A Grammar of the Language of the Lenni Lanape

A Grammar of Limbu

Lingala Grammar and Dictionary                  Lingala Dictionary & Phrasebook

Colloquial Lithuanian           Beginner's Lithuanian

Luo & Nilo-Saharan


A Reference Grammar of Maithili

Malayalam : A University Course and Reference Grammar

A Grammar of Manam

A Reference Grammar of Mandarin Chinese

A Grammar of Mam: A Mayan Language

Beginner's Maori

Masai: Their Language and Folklore

A Dictionary of the Maya Language : As Spoken in Hocaba, Yucatan

A Grammar of Meithei

Neo-Melanesian-English Concise Dictionary; New Guinea Pidgin-English Language

A Grammar of the Mende Language

Mokilese Reference Grammar            Mokilese-English Dictionary

Mongolian-English Parallel Text


The Nalik Language

The Navajo Language: a Grammar and Colloquial Dictionary
The Navajo Verb : A Grammar for Students and Scholars

Nepali Grammar and Vocabulary

Dictionary of Ngizim


Old Norse, Old Icelandic, Runes

Norwegian: An Essential Grammar


You're so Fat: Exploring Ojibwe Discourse


A Papago Grammar

Metarules of Paninian Grammar

Pasajes: Grammar

A Persian-English Grammar             Modern Persian
An Introduction to Persian

A Grammar of Southeastern Pomo

Popanean Reference Grammar

Essential Portuguese Grammar





Romanes -- NEW!


Essential Russian Grammar                 Essentials of Russian Grammar


Grammar and Vocabulary of the Samoan Language
Samoan Word Book

Sanskrit                      Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Grammar & Dictionary

A Sarcee Grammar

Senoufo Phonology

Understanding Everyday Sesotho

Autosegmental Approach to Shilluk Phonology

Western Shoshone Grammar

Beginners Sicilian

American Sign Language Dictionary

Intensive Course in Sindhi


Old Church Slavonic Grammar

Colloquial Slovak

Somali Reference Grammar          Somali-English/English-Somali Dictionary

Popular Northern Sotho

HarperCollins Spanish Concise Dictionary

A Manual of Sumerian Grammar and Texts                                                  Sumerian -- NEW!

A Grammar of Supyire

Beginner's Swahili                  Swahili                   Sabaki  & Swahili

Essential Swedish Grammar                  Essentials of Swedish Grammar  
Swedish: A Comphrehensive Grammar


Modern Tagalog           Tagalog Dictionary
Tagalog-English/English-Tagalog (Pilipino) Standard Dictionary

Reference Grammar of Tamazight*

Tamil for Beginners: Grammar

A Grammar for Targum Neofiti*

A Grammar of Tauya

A Grammar of Modern Telugu
English-Telugu Standard Dictionary; Spoken in Southeastern India

A Reference Grammar of Southeastern Tepehuan

Tepetotutla Chinantec Syntax

Colloquial Thai

Essentials of Modern Literary Tibetan     A Basic Grammar of Modern Spoken Tibetan      Lhasa Tibetan
Grammar of Colloquial Tibetan*                       The Classical Tibetan Language*
Grammar of the Tibetan Language : Literary and Colloquial*

Tigre Grammar and Texts

Tigrinya Grammar

Tocharian Historical Phonology and Morphology*

Toda Grammar and Texts

Toward a Reference Grammar of Tok Pisin

Tumpisa (Panamint Shoshone) Grammar

Dictionary of the Turkic Languages: Azaerbaijan, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Tatar, Turkish, Turkman, Uighur, Uzbek

Turkish Grammar               Turkish Grammar


Tzuhujil Grammar


Ukrainian: A Complete Course for Beginners          Standard Ukrainian Grammar

A Basic Grammar of the Ugaritic Language

Introduction to History of Umbundu

The Uralic Protolanguage*

Colloquial Urdu : A Complete Language Course*
The student's Hindi-Urdu reference manual*
Complex Structures in Hindi-Urdu : Explorations in Government and Binding Theory*
The Structure of Complex Predicates in Urdu *                      Urdu grammar : history and structure*

Colloquial Uzbek


A Handbook of Venda

Vietnamese: A Complete Course for Beginners

A Grammar of the Votic Language

First Votyak Grammar


A Grammar of Wardaman


Basic Welsh

Phonology & Morphology of Wolof


English-Xhosa Dictionary

Phonetic and Phonological Studies of Xoo Bushman


A Grammar of Yessan

Dialects of Yiddish

Yoeme-English English-Yoeme Dictionary

Je K'a So Yoruba

A Practical Grammar of the Central Alaskan Yup'Ik Eskimo Language
A Practical Grammar of the St. Lawrence Island-Siberian Yupik Eskimo Language


Zulu Dictionary                  Zulu

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