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TYB Books -- Fantasy

I discovered science fiction long before I discovered fantasy, but it was fantasy that made me an avid reader.  When I was twelve, and in sixth grade, we had to read this book called The High  King by Lloyd Alexander, and I ended up reading it like 15 times before the end of that next summer.  And it was seventh grade when I started writing my own.  Since then I've finished writing a novel, called The Dragons' Gift, which I'd like to get published.  Maybe one day, I'll be able to add it to this book list, but in the meantime, I have to start working seriously on the sequel.  Or should I do the prequel first?  Anyway, I've listed below some books by some of my favorite authors, and I'll be adding more as time goes on.  Since I've been kinda busy with school, I haven't managed to keep up with my reading for pleasure, but if I haven't read it yet, I've read enough by the author to know I've got to make time for it eventually.

Let's Begin with Morgan Llywelyn

Bard: The Odyssey of the Irish*

Finn Mac Cool, Vol. 1*

The Elementals *                Lion of Ireland*

Pride of Lions*                  Red Branch*

Brian Boru                          Druids*

Katherine Kurtz

The Adept, Book 1*

Lodge of the Lynx, Book 2 *         The Templar Treasure, Book 3*

Dagger Magic, Book 4 *           Death of an Adept, Book 5*

Deryni Rising, Book 1*

Deryni Checkmate, Book 2*               High Deryni, Book 3*

Camber of Culdi, Book 1*

Saint Camber, Book 2*           Camber the Heretic, Book 3*

The King's Justice, Book 1*

Bishops' Heir, Book 2 *         The Quest for Saint Camber, Book 3*

The Harrowing of Gwynedd, Book 1*

King Javan's Year, Book 2 *          The Bastard Prince, Book 3*

The Deryni Archives*

Codex Derynianus

Knights of the Blood: At Sword's Point*

Two Crowns for America

St. Patrick's Gargoyle -- NEW!

The Temple and the Crown -- NEW!

Lloyd Alexander

These books are mostly for young adults, about the age I was when I was reading them, 12 or so.  I have fond memories of them.

The Book of Three *        The Black Cauldron*

The Castle of Llyr*               Taran Wanderer*

The High King*            The Foundling & Other Tales

The Kestrel *           Westmark *          The Beggar Queen*

more to come...

If there is some author you'd really like to see here, or some specific book, I'm obviously missing a lot, I'd be happy to add it.  Just let me know.


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