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These books on this page are mostly going to be linguistics books, historical in nature, on the whole family, or in some cases, very ancient and little known languages of the family.  So, books on Anatolian, or Hittite might be found here as well.  I'm hoping to find at least one book on PIE as a language for the crazy and the curious.  Want more linguistics, see the particular language, including other members of the family, or also perhaps on the main language and linguistics books page.


Laws of Indo-European

Introduction to Indo-European Linguistics

Introduction to the Indo-European Languages

Comparative Indo-European Linguistics: An Introduction

The Glottalic Theory : Survey and Synthesis*

A History of Indo-European Verb Morphology*

The distribution of Indo-European root morphemes*

The proto-Indo-European labiovelars*

Linguistic Reconstruction and Indo-European Syntax*

A comparative grammar of the Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, German, and Sclavonic languages

The laryngeal theory : a critical survey

Comparative Etymologic Lexicon of Common Indo-Germanisches Vol. 2*

Comparative Etymologic Lexicon of Common Indo-Germanisches Words Vol. 1

The Indo-European lexicon : a full synchronic theory*

The Indo-European Protolanguage : A Computational Reconstruction*

Hittite and Anatolian

Anatolian Historical Phonology

Beginning Hittite*

Hittite Etymology Dictionary

Hittite Medio-Passive Endings in -ri*

Old Hittite Sentence Structure*

Comparative Grammar of the Hittite Language

Studies in Hittite Historical Phonology

The Hittite hark-construction


Tocharian Historical Phonology and Morphology

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Temple Y. Battlestrong (Homepage)

Betsy's Homepage #2

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